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Incredible level of service!!!

- SteveM-742

Incredible level of service!!!

Needed a tyre changed urgently, initially quoted by RAC FOR £150 after being on the phone for twenty minutes, which was the price to just get towed to a garage, and not get a tyre out of it which I thought was abhorrent.
I then contacted a local tyre supplier who gave me the contact details of Mobityre Autocare and could not believe the level of efficiency and straightforward no fuss service I received.

A phone call which lasted about two minutes and entailed me giving location and type of tyre and John saying sit tight I’ll be there soon was exactly what I needed to hear.

John arrived in under thirty minutes and had the tyre changed in less than ten minutes. John was especially conscious of what ensuring our safety by stating we should stay in the car whilst he worked away. Cannot thank him for helping us out of this situation. Would recommend this company to everyone.

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